Wednesday, 30 September 2015


The miniseries MISSING writted by Royal McGraw is been released on COMIXOLOGY. It was my second series after " The BlackStone Chronicles "  but somehow it really feels like Missing was my first professional work.

Still remember when Royal send me the whole script of the series and I had spend an evening reading it in Waterstones Bookstore  in Greenwich (one of my favourite shops ever in London) , feeling for the first time that I was on the long way to do what I like most, to live ( or survive ) with my drawings. Im still on the way to that place.

HOT DAMM pages

Here are the 3 first pages of HOT DAMM, the new pitch together with Ryan "Lovemachine" Ferrier. Need to find the pages with the dialogues cos they are just brilliant.


D4VE2 is out there . You can check out the preview in the AV CLUB site. And read some reviews in the COMICBOOK ROUND UP.

HOT DAMM .Pitch Cover

This is the cover for a new pitch together with Ryan Ferrier ( my beloved Ryan) that is already knocking on the publishers doors. Lets see if we can find a house for this rad baby.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

This year Marvel samples

Other thing that I need to stop, like the use of black frames, is this need to do every year Marvel samples. Like anyone on the industry I will love , for a while to work for one of the mayors, but sometimes is really disappointing when you spend your time in some samples that they ask you for and you don't get never and answer back.

Still , I guess I still have at east a couple of years  more to keep trying before I change my career and start to create Cheese instead comic books.

You can see the rest of the pages ( 5 in total ) in the Marvel samples section of this blog